Caspar Green

Hi. I'm Caspar, and I'm ...

  • Brooke's husband,
  • Silas's dad, and
  • a programmer.

Most of what I expect to write about here is the programmer part, although more personal bits are bound to pop up, too. It's all related.

I've been a geek since before geek was cool. I went straight from BASIC in 8th grade to assembly language in high school and college. Then I took a break for a few years.

When I returned to coding it was by way of starting a blog. The blog led me into programming for the web. PHP is where I landed, though I've often dabbled in other languages. I drank plenty of WordPress coolaid, but around the time they introduced the Gutenberg editor, I'd had enough.

Meanwhile, sometime around 2008, I fell in with some folks who introduced me to the Agile Manifesto and specifically the XP (Xtreme Programming) movement. These have guided my course in software development ever since.